The Foxy character was tired for one audience (bingo) and disliked by another (casino). He had to go but he had to stay. Tricky. The solution was to focus on who is inside the Foxy suit, which allowed us to dial Foxy up (head on) and down (head off).

Our new proposition – Random Fun – gave us the excuse to have someone unexpected as the celebrity endorsement – the Hollywood actress Heather Graham.

Media – TV, OOH, Press, PR.

As a result, Foxy became the 9th most recalled ads on TV at a fraction of what the other brands in the Top 10 were spending.

In addition, the PR around the campaign launch generated over £1M of additional media value. We believe the Foxy campaign makes a powerful argument for being creatively brave, whilst never forgetting the importance of relevance and appropriateness.

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